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3 in 1 Lino Cutter & Baren Kit


This innovative and versatile kit can be used as a Lino cutter set with the included Lino cutters and handle, and also as a Baren which is used as a burnishing tool to transfer the ink from your printing block to your paper without the need for a press. The base of the Baren also doubles as a storage unit for the cutters keeping them safe after use. Available with either 5 or 10 different cutters, this patented set is a true innovation in block printing. The 3 in 1 Baren kit can also be used as a stamp carving kit with the addition of SoftCut printing stamps.

  • Lino Cutter & Handle
  • Baren (Burnishing Tool)
  • Desk Tidy
  • Carve your own Stamps
Lino Cutting & Baren Kit
L5BLino Cutting and Baren Kit, 5 cutters
L10BLino Cutting and Baren Kit, 10 cutters
MCD1MasterCut Printing Stamps (Pack of 10 stamps)